Modifying Absolutes

Absolutes refer to words that don’t have gradations—the described concept is either true or false (e.g., dead, fatal, infinite, perfect, pregnant, priceless, unanimous, unique). As a rule, they can’t be modified—but unfortunately, they often are. Here are guidelines. Share This:

How to Improve Your Grammar

Whether you’re a novice or professional writer, you should know that your use of grammar can make a break your text. If you misuse it, you risk losing readers. When you use it skillfully, you create fans. Following are some ideas to help improve your grammar. Share This:

Some tips for better writing

If you want to be considered a professional writer, you need to avoid some common mistakes. To maximize your writing, you should consider some of the following language skills. Share This:

On Using Writing Advice

You’ve just spent day, week, or months writing something. And maybe you’ve given it to one or more people to get some feedback. Should you listen to the writing advice or not? Share This:

Fixing Text That Doesn’t Work

The first task of writing may be creating an outline, getting your thoughts and ideas down on paper, or just diving into the actual writing. But at some point, it’s time to sit back and read what you’ve written, and like many writers, you find parts of your text that just ain’t right. What do

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What’s In It For The Reader

The moment you decided to write something, you make a number of tacit promises to your readers (assuming that there will be some). And your work isn’t finished until you fulfill those promises. Share This: