Why Proofreading Matters

If you haven’t heard it before, proofreading is an essential task before publishing any work any place. Not convinced? Check out these headlines, which are absolutely real (we have the photographic evidence). Share This:

Every Content Marketer Needs an Editor

With people skipping TV ads by using fast-forwarding, with direct mail going into the waste bin, and with online ads getting blocked by sophisticated software, a very large percentage of companies are using content marketing as a way to get their message out. Share This:


Proofreading and editing are often confused. But proofreading is different, and occurs after all editing is completed; it’s the last step before publication. Proofreading focuses on spelling, grammar and punctuation, paragraphing, capitalization, italics, etc. Share This:

Writers Need Editors Because …

Here at Affordable Editing Services, we read a lot of published books (both printed and electronic). And we find lots of errors. This is especially true for self-published works.  The question is why? Share This:

It’s the Editing

All books need editing! An unedited book, or a poorly edited book, will create a negative impression on a target audience, unless that audience is very forgiving (e.g., family and friends). Share This: