Your Author Bio as an Advertising Tool


You’ve put a huge amount of work and love into your book, and you’re almost finished. But there are those pesky front-matter and back-matter things to write. Your author bio may be one of the items that you pay least attention to, but you’re overlooking a huge advertising opportunity.

Advertising Tool

Think about it as a chance to present your elevator speech to people you don’t have personal contact with. It’s a significant way to help you build your brand. Remember that, as an author, you are your own product. You have to sell yourself. This is a chance to tell your potential readers who you are. There are lots of people who read the author bio section before deciding to buy a book.

Sure, you can present your education, credentials, experience, expertise, awards, memberships, community involvement and the like. But in these few paragraphs, you have a chance to share with your audience who you are as a person, and why they should connect with you.

Bottom line

Write your author bio in the third person (i.e., someone else talking about you), but let your personality show through. Have a strong opening sentence. And keep it short — a few paragraphs should do it. Today’s readers, after all, are looking for useful soundbites.

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