Why You Need to Edit Your Blog Posts


Whether you do it yourself or hire someone, it’s really important that you edit your blog posts. Following are some reasons why.

Correct any typos

This may seem obvious, but not fixing typos is a good way to not make a good impression early on. You may even lose credibility, which is not the way to build an audience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This has less to do with dotting ‘eyes’ and crossing ‘tees’. Putting in effective key words, and repeating them without overdoing it can make difference in being found and ranked. Increasing traffic to your blog is a really good reason to really re-read your posts and edit them.


In these days of heavy visual content, it’s important for your posts to have at least one image. Pictures, cartoons or graphics Images help make posts more attractive to readers. However, it can sometimes be a struggle finding just the right one. If you can’t find one when you’re writing your posts, don’t leave the editing stage until you do.

Remember, it’s about your readers

As with any written work, it’s a really good idea to put your post away for a day, or several days, then re-read it. You’ll be amazed at how many typos you’ll find, and how many thoughts could be expressed more effectively or colorfully.

Use feedback

If your post is done effectively and attracts readers, you may get comments and feedback. This can create a nice round of dialog, making your blog a valuable site. It’s important to “listen” to both positive and negative feedback, and perhaps edit your original post to take the information into account. In fact, the discussion might even trigger a new round of posts.

Create lasting value

When you stop to think about it, why are you writing a blog? Sure, you hope to attract people to your website or your product or services. But, the blogs that have the most impact are the ones that add some kind of value to the readership. This, then, is a significant reason to edit your work to get it right. Remember, the internet has a long memory. Once you post something, it ends up on lots of servers around the world – with your name attached to it.


These suggestions will, hopefully, get you to edit your blog posts. If you have any additional reasons, please let us know.

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