Who Needs an Editor?

Most new writers ask this question. And many self-publishers have limited financial resources. So why is this important?

Does everyone need an editor?

What are the benefits or working with an experienced freelance editor? There are the obvious technical issues such as fixing spelling, punctuation, and grammar. But there are also more complex issues, such as flow, voice, structure, and the most effective number of words.

A second set of eyes

Writers who self-edit face a major problem. They’re so familiar with their work that they read from memory, not from the printed word. So, a lot gets missed. It’s a case of the forest and the trees. A good editor will spot errors—almost as if they leap off the page—and usually knows how to improve the text. They’re also are impartial—no personal attachment to the words.

Unfortunately, many new writers will forego the valuable outside insight that an editor can bring, either because of money or a lack of understanding of the value of this service. They may use a colleague or friend to critique their work. They may join a local writers group. But sadly, there are many stories that this alternative turns out poorly. These resources may not have the time, ability, or experience to give the writer’s work the same detailed analysis a professional editor would.

Value of a professional editor

An experienced editor will not only polish your work, but if you listen carefully to the advice, you’ll get a free education on how to write better the next time.


Getting your manuscript professionally edited is an investment, both in your current project and in your writing career. It’s worth doing that at least once. At a minimum, it will be a great learning experience. A good edit is worth the price.

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