Combine skill with passion

Editors put a lot of pressure on writers to get it right. They instruct on grammar and choosing the right words. They point out what doesn’t work and what might work better, and they share what writers should do to create a book that the author will be proud of. But is that all there is?

Never satisfied

It seems that editors are never quite satisfied. They’re always asking writers to learn more. And there’s nothing wrong with that. However, if the only input that writers get is on how to improve, then indirectly what they’re hearing is that their work isn’t good enough. And if the work needs improvement, then the writer must also need improvement.


Now, there’s always something new to learn, and always another way to approach a project or to write it differently. Maybe the author needs to learn a new skill or strengthen a weak one. Unless a writer is at the top of his or her game, there’s always a place for improving skills.

But, focusing only on skills isn’t the only way to improve. A good editor will encourage writers to bring passion or excitement to their work—to write with pleasure and without restraint. To write with fire.

There’s more to it

There’s more to writing than rules and more rules. It’s as if the work is all about the technique, and only mechanics matter. It’s as if once the mechanics are mastered, every work will be perfect.

While skills and mechanics are important, so is the passion a writer brings to the work. There’s the challenge of writing content that will move readers, maybe even shake them up. If you’re not writing really dry content, then hopefully you’re sharing something that comes from a burn in your belly.

And once you see that skills make your writing better, and when you combine those skills with excitement and passion, you’ll be eager to write more and to write better.

Don’t stop

Don’t be overwhelmed or discouraged by all the rules and advice. The resulting writing skills will strengthen your craft. But remember that it’s not the skills your readers are looking for, it’s the fire in your writing that they want to experience and share. They want to get lost in your words and share your message.


So, don’t substitute skills for the life of your content. Instead, let skills bring your content to life—write with passion and fire. And when you’re learning and improving your techniques, protect that passion. It’s the fire that drives you. Don’t let the flame go out.

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