When you can’t seem to write

Are you trying to write today—but you seem to be stuck? You’re not alone. Following are a few tips and hints for priming your pump and getting you moving.

Push aside any weak barriers

Here’s an easy idea to start with—write anything. Write down some ideas; write any random chapter or even just any random section. It doesn’t have to be the next part of your book. Write something that’s easy or fun for you to write about. Just write. Then reward yourself. Then write some more.

Writing prompts

A writing prompt is like a warm up before full-out exercise. Here are a few ideas:

  • Describe a color using any sense except for sight
  • Describe an animal as if it were human
  • Describe a human as if he were an animal
  • Describe an imaginary world
  • Take a few random words from the dictionary and write a paragraph linking those words
  • Look at a picture or painting of a scene and describe what happens next in that scene
  • Write a page about the weather, without using is, are, was, or there
  • Write a parade scene from the viewpoint of a six-year-old / an 85-year-old
  • Write a few paragraphs that are overloaded with adjectives and adverbs
  • Write a page starting each sentence with the same word that ended the previous sentence

Try anything that will get you writing

For example, describe how an item on your desk came into existence. Think about a paper mill or a factory where paper clips are bent. Imagine your keyboard with the keys inserted in the wrong places. Imagine someone watching you through your computer monitor. Write how you’d feel being looked at while you’re looking at your monitor. What if there were a secret drawer in your desk? What would be inside? Money? Secret letters? Write a short piece about any of these things. Just write.


Next time you get stuck, remember that you can write, and there are prompts that you can use like a shoehorn to get you comfortably into writing. Know that you can put words together.

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