Writer’s Block or Risk Aversion?


What’s keeping you from writing? Are you really stuck, or are you worried about some aspect of your work? Here are some thoughts that might move you forward.

When you’re writing, it’s often necessary and appropriate to take a break. Whether it’s to read other authors, do research, or just step away to see your work from a different perspective. This is true whether you’re writing a book or an article or a blog post.

But there’s a risk here. What happens if you get stuck in this thinking and tinkering mode, and your writing stalls? Is this “writer’s block”? Or is something else going on? Here are some typical stoppers that might pass through your mind, and some ways to deal with your indecision.

There are lots of books on my topic

Why do you think there are lots of book on this topic? It’s probably because people are interested in the subject, and they’ll often buy several books on it. On the other hand, your perspective and writing style is probably like no one else’s on the shelf. And your work will be your personal narrative.

What if my work isn’t perfect?

Whose work is? Think about recent books you’ve read. Were there zero typos or grammar errors? Was every possible aspect of the topic covered? Is there some twist that you can bring? What’s important to think about is that, in today’s electronic or self-publishing world, it’s really easy to edit and revise your work. So, sit down and write it. Get it out. And rather than edit and revise while you’re writing, think about what you might add later on. Maybe even have a separate document with an evolving list of things to change in your next version or edition.

What if no one buys my book?

Okay, why do you think this might happen? Did you research your target audience? Do you know who might buy your book? Do you know why? What problem(s) does your book address? Are you providing an effective solution? What kind of story are you writing? Does it have a strong plot? Did you create a marketing plan? Are you working it? The right answers to these questions will usually result in sales.


Sit back and do a quick review and analysis. While anyone, even experienced writers, can hit the wall once in a while, it’s important to understand why you’ve stopped writing. Are you truly blocked? Or are you avoiding taking some risks?

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