How to Promote Your Book

Following are some ideas for how to promote and sell your book. As with marketing, many of these are not one-time actions; they require regular diligence. And like marketing, the goal is not necessarily short-term results, but keeping an eye on the longer term. Share This:

Visual Storytelling

Visual storytelling can add dimension to an author’s text, by using images to enhance or illustrate the words. It’s a powerful, direct way to convey information. This is true for both fiction and non-fiction. Share This:

Does Your Printed-Book or Electronic-Book Need an ISBN?

Does Your Book Need an ISBN? This is a frequent question that authors ask. Unfortunately, there’s no simple one-word answer. Let’s start with some basic information. The following is copied directly from the R.R. Bowker website. For authors located in the United States, Bowker is the official registration agency of the ISBN. Share This:

Writing is Rewriting

Rewriting is the essence of writing well— where the game is won or lost. ~ William Zinsser The first draft of your book is done on a blank slate, where the important thing is to get your ideas and thoughts down on paper (real or virtual). Even if you started with an outline, it’s almost

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Are You Thinking About Writing a Book?

Many people think that they have a book inside them. While writing a book can be personally rewarding, it can also boost the perception of you as an expert. This can contribute to your marketing and sales plan, and it can help create extra revenue — perhaps less directly from book sales, but using it

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Beating Writer’s Block

Writer’s block happens, occasionally, to almost all authors. The creative juices slow down to a trickle or just stop. Inspiration seems to vanish. The writer may be distracted by other events or some adverse condition, or may be under some personal pressure or stress. The block may last for a few hours or, worse, for

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