Compound Words

In principle it’s easy—just put two or more words together to create a new “word”. However, it’s not that straightforward. Following are some guidelines to make sure your writing is as effective as possible. Share This:

Use Writing Time Wisely

Are you able to write eight hours a day and do research for another two hours, write a blog post, still get to the kids’ after-school activities, work in the garden, have dinner with your family, and get six to eight hours of sleep? If not, here are some thoughts on time management for writers.

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Watch Those Suffixes

When it comes to writing, the number one aim of an author is communication. That often translates into “simpler is better”. One way to undermine effective writing is to take perfectly good clear words and make them into gobbledygook by adding unnecessary suffixes, seemingly making them sound more erudite. Share This:

How to Target an Audience

Whether you’re about to write a book, or you’ve just finished one, do you know who your potential buyer or reader is? While it’s fun, exciting, and yes, sometimes just plain drudgery to write, it might be all for naught if no one buys your work. Share This:

Only Handle It Once

Once upon a time B.C. (before computers), people handled lots of paper. Time management gurus taught “Only Handle It Once”. If you picked up a paper, article, magazine, etc., your were supposed to do something with it, then either file it or toss it. You were not, repeat not, supposed to put it in a

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