Why an editor might decline a manuscript

Why would an editor turn down an editing project? Obviously, there’s the excitement of a new project, income, and a new client that the editor might work with for several other projects. But many editors have another motivation: to work with a writer to make a manuscript the best it can be, and to make

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Final Manuscript Cleanup

So, you’ve finally finished writing, editing, and rewriting. Your opening, middle and ending are all strong. You’re ready to submit your manuscript. Is there anything more you can do as a final check of your work before you release it? Following are some ideas. Share This:

Rewriting—No Unchangeable Words

Okay, you’ve written your first draft, and you’re really proud of the words you’ve set down. You may think that they’re unchangeable. After all, these are your words. However, your work is not yet a published book. It’s only a flow of words that will likely need to change a number of times before it’s

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An Editor’s Advice

Okay, so you’ve just finished writing your book. Time to get it published, right? Well, maybe not. It may actually be time to hire an editor. Share This:

Why Proofreading Matters

If you haven’t heard it before, proofreading is an essential task before publishing any work any place. Not convinced? Check out these headlines, which are absolutely real (we have the photographic evidence). Share This:

Every Content Marketer Needs an Editor

With people skipping TV ads by using fast-forwarding, with direct mail going into the waste bin, and with online ads getting blocked by sophisticated software, a very large percentage of companies are using content marketing as a way to get their message out. Share This: