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The Value Proposition

When using AES, you need to think of the value proposition to you. First and foremost, as the writer, you get the experience and outside perspective of using us as your editor. We provide a fresh eye when you’ve gotten too close to your own work.

But even more important, is what value the written piece will bring to you. It’s really not a matter of how much money you can make from the sale of your work (though it can serve as great passive income). It’s what other streams of revenue will come to you because of the written piece. If you’re a consultant or specialist, will you end up with more clients because your written piece has given you more credibility? Will it open doors to speaking engagements that will be far more lucrative than just an income from the sale of your work?

Don’t get us wrong, money can be made with a written work. But that’s not the gold ring here. It’s the opportunities that come your way from it that will more than pay for any editing service we provide.

How We Work

Whatever type of work you need us to do for you, we’ll first have a FREE phone consultation so you can share with us what you need done. In order to get started, please fill in the contact form. We’ll then correspond to find a convenient time for us to meet by phone.

Our first order of business would be to sign a non-disclosure agreement to put your mind at rest that the information you share with us will be kept confidential. At that point, and after we’ve had our initial conversation, we’ll know which of our services you’ll need. Depending upon the project, we may ask you to send us an outline, a draft, several chapters, a complete manuscript, or anything else that helps us know what we can do for you.

Once we’ve received and reviewed your project, we’ll provide you with an estimate. If you’re okay with the fee, we’ll send a contract for your approval. The signed contract will be followed by an invoice, done through PayPal, where you can pay with any credit card approved by PayPal. This method is preferred, but we also accept checks; however, the check must clear the bank before the project can start (3-10 business days).


We view your work as a project. No matter whether you’re at the beginning of your journey, with nothing on paper yet, or you’re already involved with the writing process, we provide you with both writing coaching and editing services when we work with you. The price we quote you will be based on how large a project you expect to have.

If you need advice or guidance on your publishing options, pricing for publishing consulting is on an hourly basis.

Since we give free estimates, it behooves you to Contact us so we can talk in more detail.

Our Guarantee

Your satisfaction is important to us. Because we’re available to you throughout your project, any questions or concerns you have can be addressed in a timely fashion before our work is done. By the time we’ve presented you with the completed edited version of your work, we feel confident that it will be ready for publication.

For us to guarantee our work, it’s essential that you carefully inspect all documents you receive. If any information is missing or incorrect, please contact us as soon as possible (no later than 5 business days after your project was delivered to you) and we’ll make the necessary corrections.

If you’re not completely satisfied with some specific aspect of our work, please contact us. We’ll do whatever it takes, within reason, to provide you with something you can be proud of. If you’re happy, we’re happy. We’re even happier when you refer others to us or provide positive feedback.

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