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For first time writers or even experienced writers, a writing coach is essential for many reasons. Whether you already have your manuscript written or are still mulling ideas around, a writing coach can be your best ally.


Are you in the “I’m still thinking about it” stage?

If you haven’t yet written your manuscript, AES can work with you as your Writing Coach to plan the organization of your work.  We can suggest formats that would best communicate your message. Authors use us to brainstorm ideas and set up a clear plan together, saving them an enormous amount of time. As the author, it will let you get on with the business of writing.

Have you already written the manuscript?

Have you already written the manuscript? If so, are you sure it’s structured properly? Is your writing style consistent throughout? Have you double-checked your facts? Could your writing be tightened up and more focused? AES doesn’t just say “your character needs more developing”. We’ll make specific suggestions on what we believe would strengthen your work. Does it have a good opening that leads well into the body of the work?  Does it conclude in an effective way that doesn’t leave your reader scratching his or her head?

If your manuscript is written, a quick read will tell us whether your work is ready for our editing service or should spend a little time with our writing coaches.

Is your work ready for prime time?

Many writers learn the hard way that literary agents and publishers want to see a piece that’s polished, not something that needs a lot of work. Even if you’re writing directly to your audience, they don’t want to stumble through writing mistakes. Using AES as your writing coach assures you and your work look great. And in the process of working together, we can help you become a better writer. Remember,

You don’t have a second chance to make a first
good impression.

Are you clear on how you’ll market your work?

Whether already written or still in the wings, having a clear picture of who your audience is will help you eventually market the piece. What is the market clamoring for? When would be the best time to present your work to the public?

Time can be your enemy

There’s never enough time. What was supposed to be completed last week is still not done. AES can serve as your “accountability buddy”, making sure you stick to a schedule, stay focused, and achieve your goal.

Having AES as your writing coach is like having your own personal trainer for writing. And working with us can cost you less, in the long run. Getting it right from the start can save you hours of rewriting.

Is your title catchy enough?

In addition, together we can come up with a title that grabs the curiosity of your audience even before they’ve turned the first page. It’s got to be compelling. Let’s face it – the title and the book cover are the first things consumers will look at. If those fall flat, the book may never be bought. Great titles and book covers have a number of things in common. They:

  • Make a promise
  • Create intrigue (especially true for how-to books)
  • Identify a need
  • State what the book contains.

As a new author, the thought of creating a book seemed so overwhelming.  I knew I had the motivation to start a book project, but I didn’t know how to turn my idea into an actual book.  Affordable Editing Services helped me accomplish my goals!  In our very first conversation, I told Roberta and Larry Wennik that I was new to this process and had no idea what I was doing.  They suggested starting the process with writing coaching, and helped me outline a plan for my book.  They were so hands on with the process and were there to cheer me on when I wanted to give up.  I was scared of writing, publishing, marketing, and selling a book.  All of this was easy with Affordable Editing Services!  I highly recommend their services to help you achieve your dream of writing a book.

Jennifer McGurk, www.pursuingprivatepractice.com

How We Work

When we work with you, it’s on a project basis. We’re serving as both your writing coach and editor when we quote you a price for your project.

If you need us for publishing advice, we can work as your publishing consultant.

We offer a FREE consultation and FREE estimate. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you. If you’d like to see a sample of our work, just ask when you contact us.
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