Projects We Do

We specialize in the following areas:

Books—Print and Electronic


  • How-to books, user guides
  • Business books, scientific books
  • Textbooks
  • Technical manuals, training manuals
  • Employee handbooks, company histories
  • Memoirs, life stories


  • Novels
  • Short stories

Business Documents

Advertising Copy

  • Press releases, brochures, media scripts, web copy

Plans and Proposals

  • Business plans
  • Strategic plans
  • Proposals


  • Website content
  • Website presentation
  • Blog


  • Magazine and journal articles
  • Newsletter and newsletter articles

Works We’ve Written or Edited

When you use the services of AES, we’ll post your work here (if you’d like) with a link back to your website. This has very good marketing and search engine optimization value .

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