Only Handle It Once

Once upon a time B.C. (before computers), people handled lots of paper. Time management gurus taught “Only Handle It Once”. If you picked up a paper, article, magazine, etc., your were supposed to do something with it, then either file it or toss it. You were not, repeat not, supposed to put it in a

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Put Yourself into Your Writing

Many writers, especially new ones, think that they’re writing ABOUT something. In fact, many people ARE writing about something, but from their own perspective. There’s a lot of YOU in your writing. Share This:

Research: A Careful Balance

Whether you’re writing fiction or non-fiction, you may need to do some research for your project. Few authors can write an effective book from their own knowledge base, and many, if not most, non-fiction books usually provide a list of resources used in the writing. Share This:

Every Content Marketer Needs an Editor

With people skipping TV ads by using fast-forwarding, with direct mail going into the waste bin, and with online ads getting blocked by sophisticated software, a very large percentage of companies are using content marketing as a way to get their message out. Share This: