The Exclamation Mark Debate

An exclamation is a sudden and/or passionate expression of surprise, strong emotion, frustration, complaint, or protest. The way these feelings are expressed in writing is to use one or more exclamation marks. But is using more than one mark considered overkill? Read on. Share This:

How to Improve Your Grammar

Whether you’re a novice or professional writer, you should know that your use of grammar can make a break your text. If you misuse it, you risk losing readers. When you use it skillfully, you create fans. Following are some ideas to help improve your grammar. Share This:

The Paragraph

The paragraph is a basic building block of writing, for both fiction and non-fiction. Paragraphs are the vehicles that writers use to put together a story-line or provide chunks of information. Share This:

Prescriptive Grammar or Descriptive Grammar

The terms in the title represent two distinct ways of approaching writing. Prescriptive grammar defines the norms and rules, and represents accepted usage.  Descriptive grammar, on the other hand is the language, syntax, and words that are actually used by speakers of a given language. While there are some writers and editors who take the

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Order of adjectives

Adjectives are used to describe people, places, and things, and good writers are able to write descriptions that are varied and creative. While you’ve probably created strings of adjectives before a noun, without much thought, you may sometimes wonder if they’re in the right order. Following are some guidelines. Share This: