Writing to the Point

When authors ramble, they tend to lose readers in the words. So, unless your intent is to write as many words as possible, your message should be written as clearly and concisely as possible. Share This:

Pronoun Trouble: “They” or “He or She”

What happens when you’re writing a sentence and the gender of the person being spoken about isn’t known? Example: “Has anyone brought some quarters with them”? “Anyone” is clearly a singular pronoun of unknown gender, but the prepositional object “them” is plural. This has traditionally been considered a grammatical error. Share This:

How to Improve Your Writing Skills

Becoming a better writer takes practice. Improving your skills requires you to be aware of what you can do to give your text more structure, make it crisp and readable, and flow with a friendly style. Following are some ideas you can use to improve the quality of your writing. Share This:

Your Own Publishing Company?

When writers decide to self-publish, they put a lot of themselves into the writing. As a start, they need to know how to write a book. However, they also need to have expertise and experience in 1) editing, proofreading, and maybe indexing; 2) book design and cover design; 3) marketing and selling, pricing, discounting; and

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