Why Your Text Structure is Important

Text structure is the way an author arranges ideas in a text in order to help readers more easily understand what they’re reading. If your content is clearly structured, whether it’s a blog post or a book, you’re more likely to attract readers. Share This:

Writing for Reading

Written clutter! It’s everywhere these days. Irrelevant, poorly-written writing. The question is: Are you a contributor? Following are some thoughts and ideas that may help you become a more valued writer. Share This:

What’s Your Type? How to Choose the Right Font

Selecting an appropriate typeface or font for the text of your project should not be left to chance. The best starting point is to know who your audience will be. Taking time to investigate fonts and choosing the most appropriate is a smart investment. Share This:

Rules or Tools

One problem that some writers face is whether to construct their work following the rules of grammar or just write freely. Well, it may not be an either-or situation. Share This: