We at AES feel so lucky to work with great writers.  For some, this was their first book.  For others, they had many books to their name.  The rewards for us in getting to share each writer’s journey is immeasurable.  Here are just a few examples of books we’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of as writing coaches, editors, book designers, and publishing coaches.

Can You Be Alone with a Bowl of Chocolate? Irene Berman-Levine


About: All of us have two personalities when it comes to making food choices: our inner brat and our inner sergeant. Our inner sergeant is our coach that tries to enforce a healthy diet. It’s nemesis, our inner brat, wants to eat anything its heart desires. Using this interactive workbook, you’ll learn to squash bratty impulses by understanding how your food choices are influenced by your habits, environment, emotions, ability to listen to your body and even the people in your life.

Sunny Yingling, MS, RD, CSSD


“Larry and Roberta were truly my teammates in this journey of writing a book. Their insight and help was especially important for me as a first-time book author. They responded promptly to all communication I sent and were completely honest with their suggestions and recommendations, which were important in writing a book that would be well-received and useful for the public. I especially appreciated having two different sets of eyes to read and makes suggested edits to the book! Furthermore, they really are what they claim, affordable. I would certainly recommend this team!”

Rebecca McConville, RD, LD, CSSD, CEDRD


Roberta and Larry were so great at taking the vision in my head and helping translate to paper. They understood who I wanted the content to be focused on, how I wanted the book to be formatted, and all along valuing my opinion. It was nice to have two sets of eyes from two different perspectives. I highly recommend this dynamic duo to anyone wanting to write the book they have always dreamed of!”



Nutrition for the Ailing Brain  Joan Brookhyser Hogan, RD


“Self publishing is a humbling process.  You start with an idea, you go through the writing process to fully express that idea, and finally you progress to printing. I was so happy to find Affordable Editing Services to help me complete the process in the writing of my book, Nutrition for the Ailing Brain. Not only do Roberta and Larry Wennik offer their expertise as editors, but carry you one step further in finalizing your book with its finishing touches. 

They guide you through the necessary stages needed to bring your publication to life, while at the same time not changing your voice in what you want to express.  They bring years of experience to their editing process, which is invaluable.   I highly recommend  Larry and Roberta.  They are a great team.

Elizabeth M. Madison, MA, RD, CDN, CRC


“I highly recommend using Larry and Roberta Wennik for your editing needs. I started working with them after I had finished writing most of my book. I wish I had started before! Here’s why: their writing coaching help me find ‘my voice’.  Their crash course in editing was an eye-opener – I never knew there was so much to creating a manuscript! Larry and Roberta gave me the reader’s perspective, which helped me fine-tune my content delivery. Their brain-storming helped me create a wonderful and engaging title for my book.
     I also appreciated Roberta’s nutrition background because she helped me ensure that my nutrition-related content was sound and delivered in an easy-to-understand manner.
     The assistance and support they provided empowered me to produce a quality book that I could not have accomplished on my own.  It was a pleasure working with them!”









Jennifer McGurk, RDN, CDN, CDE, CEDRD


As a new author, the thought of creating a book seemed so overwhelming.  I knew I had the motivation to start a book project, but I didn’t know how to turn my idea into an actual book.  Affordable Editing Services helped me accomplish my goals!  In our very first conversation, I told Roberta and Larry Wennik that I was new to this process and had no idea what I was doing.  They suggested starting the process with writing coaching, and helped me outline a plan for my book.
     They were so hands on with the process and were there to cheer me on when I wanted to give up.  I was scared of writing, publishing, marketing, and selling a book.  All of this was easy with Affordable Editing Services!  I highly recommend their services to help you achieve your dream of writing a book.”

 book_parenting_a_positive_reaction_sm-1-203x300 Lisa Musician, RD, LDN


“I would highly recommend using AES with Larry and Roberta Wennik for your editing needs.  I am a newbie with a book to be published shortly for the first time. Just as I thought I was done and ready to publish, I realized I needed to have my references checked to be sure I cited correctly. I contacted AES to discuss my needs and was quoted a very reasonable rate.  AES reviewed every chapter in detail for my references and along the way took extra steps to ensure my book will be the best it can be.
     Thank you for filling a niche with kindness and generosity at affordable rates done professionally.”

  Gina Worful, MS., RD


“Roberta and Larry make a fantastic team to help with the editing process of my book. My initial book concept was very scattered. However, with their guidance, it transformed my book into the clear and beautiful vision that I was hoping for, yet couldn’t figure out on my own. I am so thankful for their help with the development, editing, and their creative publishing and distribution suggestions. Overall, they were great to work with.” 

 Is There a Writer in You?

The writers we’ve worked with believed as Friedrich Nietzche said:

“All I need is a sheet of paper and something to write with, and then I can turn the world upside down.”  

Are you ready to “turn the world upside down”?