Fixing Text That Doesn’t Work

The first task of writing may be creating an outline, getting your thoughts and ideas down on paper, or just diving into the actual writing. But at some point, it’s time to sit back and read what you’ve written, and like many writers, you find parts of your text that just ain’t right. What do

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What’s In It For The Reader

The moment you decided to write something, you make a number of tacit promises to your readers (assuming that there will be some). And your work isn’t finished until you fulfill those promises. Share This:

Your First Book

If you’re a new writer, there’s something you need to know. Your first draft will almost certainly be worse than any other drafts you create. Share This:

Print Book Formatting

Formatting a book for printing requires more thought and work than publishing an electronic book (e-book). Following are some things you need to think about. Share This:

Your First Draft

There are many routes to getting a finished first draft. What’s important to understand is that your first draft is almost never your final draft. Share This: