Centric means “pertaining to or situated at the center”. With that definition, reader-centricity implies making your reader central to your writing. Now, that raises an interesting question: Whom are your writing for? Are you writing a personal diary or journal that’s just for you? Are you writing to get something off your chest or on

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First Impression

Whatever you’re writing, your first paragraph acts as a ‘Welcome” and as a “hook”. You’re both inviting your readers to get into your work and trying to grab and hold their attention. Share This:

Writers Are Readers

If you’re planning to write a book, or if you’ve already started, read as many books as you can that are like yours. Do this whether you’re writing fiction or non-fiction. Get them from libraries, book stores, online, or borrow them from friends. Share This:

Your Writing Voice

.Along with technical skills (grammar, punctuation, etc.) writing authentically, using your voice, is another important writing skill. Share This: