How to Judge a Good (or Bad) Book

There are many judges when it comes to deciding whether a book is “good” (or not). First of all, do you, the author, like what you’ve written? Or was it just labor? Second, did you use an editor? What did he or she think? Finally, there’s the consumer. Did you get any direct feedback? Were

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Book Design

You’ve worked long and hard writing your book. If you’re self-publishing, the next step is Book Design, which can be somewhat challenging if you’ve never done it before. Following are some ideas to get you started. Share This:

Watch Those Suffixes

When it comes to writing, the number one aim of an author is communication. That often translates into “simpler is better”. One way to undermine effective writing is to take perfectly good clear words and make them into gobbledygook by adding unnecessary suffixes, seemingly making them sound more erudite. Share This:

Are You a Writer or an Editor?

Readers usually want high quality writing, which means that it’s both well-written and well-edited. But how do you accomplish both, so that your story comes through loud and clear? Share This: