Print Book Formatting

Formatting a book for printing requires more thought and work than publishing an electronic book (e-book). Following are some things you need to think about. Share This:

Chapter Opening Pages

A book’s cover is the part of book design that’s used to attract readers. Within the book, chapter opening pages are used to guide the reader from one part of the content to another, and are an important component of the book’s interior design. Share This:

Book Design

You’ve worked long and hard writing your book. If you’re self-publishing, the next step is Book Design, which can be somewhat challenging if you’ve never done it before. Following are some ideas to get you started. Share This:

Book Page Structure

While the main goal of a book is to share content, the structure of the pages can greatly facilitate that function. There are several basic elements that go into page structure that can make that sharing more effective. Share This:

Choosing Your Book Size

If you intend to print your book, deciding on book size can be challenging. If you’re going with a traditional publisher, the decision may be made for you. However, if you’re self-publishing, you have some things to think about. Share This: