Writer’s Block, Again

You’re sitting in front of your PC trying to write, and your brain will not engage. You’ve got a case of writer’s block. Now what? How do you get past this barrier? Following are some ideas. Share This:

How to Write an e-book

So, you think you have some advice to share, or you have an idea for a work of fiction, or you have an opinion on some topic. You’ve thought about getting an agent and/or going to a main-stream publisher. But that feels like a long, tough haul. You’ve thought about writing and publishing an electronic

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Toward Better Writing

Anything you write that’s over a few hundred words needs to have structure. And that structure should be obvious to your audience. As they read, they can see what’s coming, and can anticipate reading further. Share This:

Watch Your Language

It’s important to remember that when your write, you’re usually trying to transmit a message. If you use language that readers may find difficult to understand, your message may not get through, leading to ineffective communication. Share This: