It is not the shortest word in English, but it is pretty close. On the other hand, it is used fairly often. Do the previous sentences make the point? The first use is the main one, and each of the other two refers back to, and is a substitute for, that first occurrence. But it

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How To Create a Memorable Book Title

One of the first things a potential book buyer notices is the title, sometimes along with the book-cover design. A memorable title can positively impact book sales. So, it’s important to “get it right”. However, that can be a daunting line item on your book-creation to-do list. Here are some suggestions. Share This:


In the study of language change over time, rebracketing, also known as “juncture loss” and “re-segmentation”, is a process whereby a word is broken down into constituent parts and then reorganized. For example, the word hamburger might be divided as ham-burger, which could mean a burger made with ham. However, that would be wrong, because

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What Is Writing Tone?

Tone is the way you speak or write. It’s your attitude toward your reader and the subject of your message. The overall tone of your writing affects your reader just your tone of voice affects a listener in everyday conversations. Share This:

The Exclamation Mark Debate

An exclamation is a sudden and/or passionate expression of surprise, strong emotion, frustration, complaint, or protest. The way these feelings are expressed in writing is to use one or more exclamation marks. But is using more than one mark considered overkill? Read on. Share This: