Writing Numbers

There are some interesting rules about how to write numbers in your text. You’d think that the easiest and clearest thing would be to write numbers as numerals (e.g., 3, 7, 12). Yet, there are so many places where it really doesn’t work, as you will see in this post. Share This:

Nouns and Pronouns

You’d think that nouns and pronouns would be easy because we use them every day. But proper word usage often trips people up. Masculine, Feminine and Neutral NOUNS The “women’s liberation” movement has forced a change in certain nouns, many of them ending in -man (eg, chairman). This sometimes works well and can be an

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Commas and Semicolons

Rules for using commas and semicolons have been debated for years, and there are a number of sources that offer an opinion on how to use them. Here are a few simple or basic guidelines that work most of the time. Share This: