Order of adjectives

Adjectives are used to describe people, places, and things, and good writers are able to write descriptions that are varied and creative. While you’ve probably created strings of adjectives before a noun without much thought, you may sometimes wonder if they’re in the right order. Following are some guidelines. Share This:

Rewriting—No Unchangeable Words

Okay, you’ve written your first draft, and you’re really proud of the words you’ve set down. You may think that they’re unchangeable. After all, these are your words. However, your work is not yet a published book. It’s only a flow of words that will likely need to change a number of times before it’s

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Writer’s Block, Again

You’re sitting in front of your PC trying to write, and your brain will not engage. You’ve got a case of writer’s block. Now what? How do you get past this barrier? Following are some ideas. Share This:

How to Write an eBook

So, you think you have some advice to share, or you have an idea for a work of fiction, or you have an opinion on some topic. You’ve thought about getting an agent and/or going to a main-stream publisher. But that feels like a long, tough haul. You’ve thought about writing and publishing an electronic

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