5 Writing Tips

There are so many ideas available on how to improve your writing. Here are a few that you might not have thought about before.

  1. Increase your word power—Words are the building blocks of writing. Words build sentences; sentences build paragraphs; and paragraphs build a book. So, the larger your vocabulary, the more proficient will be your writing. Since English has, perhaps, the largest and most diverse number of words, try to use it to your greatest possible advantage.
  2. Read widely, and with discernment—Not all writing quality is equal. So, when you read, use your judgment. Try to understand the style or where the author is coming from. And since, today, some authors try to copy the style of others, be watchful. Copying good writing may be find, buy copying bad writing is, well, a bad idea.
  3. Don’t plan; write—You can spend days, weeks, and months planning to write an article or a book. But, it’s only by writing, and writing more, that you’ll develop your style and get the experience to call yourself an author.
  4. Write what’s in your head or heart—Write from inside yourself, not the latest hot topic or what you think will sell. When you do the latter, the text often sounds phony. When you do the former, your motivation and enthusiasm shine through.
  5. Look for new experiences—Open your mind to things happening around you, whether it’s events or people. Nothing that might happen to you—whether it’s good, bad, or indifferent—is ever wasted. After all, when you write, you’re writing from your experiences—what you remember and what you observe now.

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