Some Quick Ideas for Beating Writers Block

Whether you write professionally or just occasionally or just for fun, there are times when we all hit the wall—writers block. Here are some simple things you can do to get your creative juices going again.

1.Get away from your computer—Take regular breaks, even if they’re for just a few minutes. It’s too easy to lose the forest for the trees.

2.Take a walk—Nothing beats getting back to creativity than getting some fresh air, seeing a different scene, or just plain getting some exercise.

  1. Do something else—Just a change of activity, even chores or housework, can reset and restart your creativity.
  2. Get involved in something with other people—Socializing can refresh your soul.
  3. Relax—Take a nap, watch TV, listen to music, anything that gives you a rest from your project.
  4. Set limits—Some people find that writing for only a fixed amount of time works best, rather than writing until running out of steam.
  5. Amusements—Often, just changing what you’re doing—at your desk—can help. Fidget spinners, for example, and other small objects that you can play with for a short time may help reset your mind. Even just doodling.
  6. Write someplace else—Maybe leave your usual surroundings and go to a local coffee shop or the library or a park. A change of scene can often stimulate fresh ideas.
  7. Brainstorm—Try getting together with others and sharing your stuck point. Sometimes, just bringing it out in the open in a discussion will break the logjam.

10. Meditate—In the traditional sense or in your own way. This break from the stress of current reality may loosen your thinking.

11. Work on a hobby or craft—Many people find that doing something else with their minds or talents resets their thinking process

12. Take a mental vacation—Daydream about someplace you’ve been or would like to go, or maybe something you’d like to do or wish you were doing now. That mental relaxation might just do the trick.

13. Do some research—Whatever the topic, whether related to your project or not, put your mind to investigating rather than writing. The mental workout will strengthen your writing “muscles”.

14. Socialize—Get together with friends or family and forget about your writing altogether. This is another way to take a mental vacation.

15. Choose another time to write—Often, just changing the time of day or day of the week you do most of your writing will jog you out of that stuck gear. The change of lighting or doing it before or after certain regular activities (e.g., meals) can make a difference.


These are only a few ideas or suggestions. You can probably think of some others, maybe based on these. Anything that gets your out of your stuck rut will usually be effective to break your writers block.

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